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NORMDOOOR SYSTEMS CO. as over 35 years of metal fabrication experience and knowledge brought by international trade and the wide range of products in its Turkey factory. Our factory is located in the INDUSTRIAL ZONE of Turkey’s major industrial and commercial city of KSYSERI.

               Our company, which has adopted customer satisfaction as a principle since its foundation, continues its technological development and R & D activities without slowing down in order to produce more quality and innovative products. Our company, which manufactures customized products for individuals and projects, exports approximately 95% of its total production to more than 30 countries all over the world.

General usage areas of our products; buildings, schools, universities, kindergartens, cafes, restaurants, airports, terminals, subway stations, stadiums, shopping malls, cinemas, shops, parking lots, hotels, spa centers, gyms, hospitals, convention centers, government buildings, factories, industrial plants, power plants… etc. is used wherever there is human life.

Our vision and mission; to provide innovative door solutions that are sensitive to human and environment in the building sector in line with the demands and needs of the developing world…